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City of Jacksonville Enviromental & Compliance Department
City of Jacksonville Enviromental & Compliance Department
407 N LAURA ST STE 600

The Department has five divisions and two activities:

The Animal Care and Protective Services Division ensures that animals in the City of Jacksonville are properly treated and managed. The division implements and enforces laws, regulations, codes and procedures concerning the treatment of domesticated animals within the city. For many residents, its most important function is to serve as a source for healthy, adoptable pets.

The Environmental Quality Division administers and monitors the City of Jacksonville's air and water resource management activities, with particular emphasis on pollution control. It also enforces laws related to air, odors, noise, surface water, groundwater, underground storage tanks and hazardous waste.

The Mosquito Control Division is responsible for all activities in the City of Jacksonville relating to the control of mosquitoes. The division performs spraying as needed and educates the public about its role in reducing the mosquito population throughout the city.

The Municipal Code Compliance Division enforces codes and laws affecting the quality of life in Jacksonville. These include laws that concern zoning, safety and cleanliness of private property, housing safety, nuisance abatement, weed control and similar matters. The division enforces the Property Safety and Maintenance Code, Chapter 518 of the Jacksonville Municipal Code. Chapter 518 covers Housing Safety, Property Maintenance, Nuisance and Overgrown Lots, Unsafe Structures and Junk and Abandoned Vehicles.

The Parking Facilities and Enforcement Division operates public parking lots and garages and enforces the city's parking laws. It also enforces registration, licensing, inspection and safety regulations for commercial vehicles such as taxicabs, limousines, vessels for hire, vehicles for hire, wreckers and school buses operating within the city.

The Clean It Up, Green It Up Activity promotes environmental awareness, anti-litter campaigns and community-wide litter removal programs.

The Project New Ground Activity is a long-term effort to make Jacksonville a cleaner, greener city. Its goal is to correct a situation that began nearly 100 years ago, when the City of Jacksonville burned its solid waste in incinerators. Ash from those incinerators was deposited at four sites north and west of the downtown area. Project New Ground is the city's program to remove the ash from those sites.
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City of Jacksonville Enviromental & Compliance Department
407 N LAURA ST STE 600
Ph: 904-255-7245
WS: http://www.coj.net/departments/environmental+and+compliance/default.htm
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